At a young age, I knew I wanted to do something creative. I was lucky to have close family in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois who helped mentor and guide me to a path of success. I remember admiring my uncle’s artistry while growing up. I would watch him draw cartoon characters in such great detail, I decided to follow in his footsteps.

My grandmother was also a huge support in nurturing my gifts. She noticed I was taking her Ebony Magazine and drawing models from the pages. Encouraging my creativity, she bought me a paint by numbers kit. This helped to further develop my artistic talents, teach me patience, and challenge my potential.

My mother, in her own right, has always been a tattoo collector. Every time she came home with new ink, my curiosity would be piqued. With my mother’s blessing, I got my first tattoo at age 14 and was immediately captivated. It was around this time I met my first mentor, who gave me heavy encouragement to become a tattoo artist.

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Client Reviews

Rico is not only an amazing and talented tattoo artist, he’s an awesome human being. Every time I sit down to get inked up I don’t know where our conversations will go but I know they will be interesting and great. Rico is one of the coolest/ chilliest/ nicest guys I’ve met and I definitely call him a good friend of mine. Any tattoo ideas you may have he can go above and beyond on and your ink will come out amazing.
Nick Ruffolo
Rico is one of the dopest tattoo artists I’ve ran into in a long time and really professional and chill. Out of all my tattoos I have, there’s only one artist I can say I’d trust with the art I want on my body cause his steady hand and his attention to detail. The piece Rico did on my side was my 4th tattoo and it’s clean, readable, and settled very well after healing. I barely even felt the needle because he was practically gliding the needle like a brush on canvas and that was supposed to be a sensitive area I hear and definitely coming back for more work soon.Thanks again Rico.
Av Martínez
Want to give a positive review to Rico! Love his artwork as well as his style! Great outgoing person! Love working with him with designs as well as any recommendations given about a tattoo project. In the future if I’m looking to get more tattoos, I won’t hesitate to go to RICO!
J. Musco
I can honestly say I have never been in and more welcoming and warm environment while getting a tat. In addition, Rico’s customer service goes unmatched, from offering Netflix/music to having vegan options to snack on. He is so multifaceted, we can go very deep on a spiritual level in conversation to the latest celebrity talk and cracking jokes. He is beyond relatable and still very professional ! NO ONE, I mean NO ONE will ever tat me if it isn’t Rico. Keep up the work man. You deserve everything your heart desires.
Tyrone L.


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